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The party leader TV debates between the leaders of the three main parties appear to be just another exercise in spin. Politicians don't want to risk being made to look stupid so close to the election, so they'll be carefully stage-managing every detail of the events. So we're breaking through the spin, and have teamed up with the Guardian to hold a proper debate between the manifesto writers from the three main parties.

You can listen to the debate live at 13:00 on Monday through the Guardian website.

  • 2,518 votes out of 14,804

    Time for the Robin Hood Tax?

    Vote for questions like: Will your party support the Robin Hood Tax? It’s a small tax on high value transactions between banks that would raise hundreds of billions of pounds that would be used to fund action against climate change, poverty and other big More...

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  • 1,772 votes out of 14,804

    Climate - what is your party prepared to do?

    Vote for questions like: What are you prepared to do to combat climate change? Surely a healthy environment is necessary for a healthy Britain, will it see the kind of investment that has been seen with the banks? Do you and your party recognise global w More...

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  • 1,526 votes out of 14,804

    Digital Economy BIll - what next?

    Vote for questions like: Can you guarantee that given the recent (very rushed) passing of the Digital Economy Act those that have received poorly evidenced demands using volume legislation methods (such as ACS:Law and Tilly Bailey Irvine) will have the thr More...

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  • 1,519 votes out of 14,804

    Time for proportional representation?

    Vote for questions like: When will we get real change in the electoral system giving voters more power. Will they commit to the Single Transferable Vote system which gives the most power of election to the voter. More...

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  • 1,323 votes out of 14,804

    Trident - can we afford it?

    Vote for questions like: How on earth can we afford any Trident replacement in whole or in part when we are in so much debt? Why doesn't the UK save billions and enhance global security by scrapping Trident and lending its support to a nuclear weapons co More...

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  • 1,271 votes out of 14,804

    BBC - Will you cut it?

    Vote for questions like: Will your party make sure the BBC doesn't face cuts to services like Asian Network and 6 Music? More...

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  • 1,177 votes out of 14,804

    Will you ban secret lobbying?

    Vote for questions like: Do you support a ban on secret lobbying of the Government? What is your party doing to combat the undue influence of business lobbying groups and what are you doing to end political patronage?(eg 'give us money for a peerage') More...

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  • 987 votes out of 14,804

    Time to regulate the banks?

    Vote for questions like: Given that all Parties condemn the lending practices and bonus cultures of the Banks bailed out by the tax-payer, why are they opposed to the nationalisation of such banks and with this the adoption of better banking practice? Wha More...

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  • 852 votes out of 14,804

    Will you close the gap between rich and poor?

    Vote for questions like: Given the evidence of a strong correlation between inequality and a range of social ills - crime and mental illness rates, drug addiction, etc, what policies would you take to reduce these income differentials? There is increasing More...

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  • 573 votes out of 14,804

    Tuition fees - what's your policy?

    Vote for questions like: Do you plan to increase/ decrease tuition fees? Tuition fee loans are reaching its maximum, universities are more strict with accepting students, reducing the chances of under privileged students to attend. What will your party d More...

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  • 524 votes out of 14,804

    Will you care for the elderly?

    Vote for questions like: What are you going to do about care and support for the elderly? How will you solve fuel poverty, particularly among elderly people? More...

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  • 391 votes out of 14,804

    How do we reduce Poverty?

    Vote for questions like: What are the political parties views on poverty and the state of working-class families life in this country? What will they do to these poverty-stricken and low-income households if they come into power? As many people's income More...

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  • 371 votes out of 14,804

    What will you cut?

    Vote for questions like: Why are all parties so keen to pursue a policy of aggressive spending cuts, when the economy is in such a fragile state and this risks a double dip recession? Why can't the workers in each particular field choose where the cuts ca More...

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